blwpic(my time division of the score)

0'' 112.5'' 282'' 313'' 376.8'' 454.5'' 519'' 606'' 717'' 780''
0'' 162'' 193'' 205'' 212'' 218'' 223'' 267'' 285.45'' 303.92'' 423.92'' 442.46'' 689.32'' 780''

composition: andré g pinto, joão carlos pacheco
max/msp patch conception and programming: andré g pinto
performers: andré g pinto (saxophone + electronics), joão carlos pacheco (percussion)


bad luck walden is a 13 minutes long auto-generative, projected musical score, inspired in henry david thoreau's work 'walden; or, life in the woods'. the piece was product of 'estúdio de criação clara andermatt', powered by sons da lusofonia.

in this linear score, time was divided by each composer/performer according to his own understanding of the measurements of the actual lake walden. this data was then used to (through max/msp) trigger a written performing instruction, randomly picked from a previously determined set of 13 instructions.





pictures are of the performance in teatro do bairro, lisboa. 13/jul/12