(presented on the 8th of October 2017 at festival PÁ, Espaço Alkantara, Lisboa)

This performance consists on a slow and quiet exploration of the audible arquitecture of a room with a set of microphones on a stand, with which I slowly scan the silent room in search for the spots where resonances happen and a feedback between the speakers (that are playing back the sound from the microphones) and the microphones. My body moves very slowly in order to be acoustically invisible, attempting to make no sound, while I move the microphone through the room, find different tones of resonance and play with them.

The beginning of the performance is an explanation of it. Something like:
"The time is x, 8th of October. I am in the room of Espaço Alkantara. I planned to record the 'silence' of the room, moving through the space, trying to be transparent to recording as if my body didn't exist in it. But that did not work out very well, therefore I am going to record movement of standing waves in the room. A beautiful paradox.
I would prefer this not to be a performance, however, this fourth wall proves itself convenient, providing me with the quietness I require."